And so it begins…

wild about play
And so it begins, Wild About Play


What an amazing journey this has been. After what seems like the busiest year of my life, Wild about Play is finally here.

As I try to write my first ever blog for our website, it has made me reflect on the journey I took to get here and I wouldn’t be able to tell you about that journey without mentioning my two amazing children, my inspirations.

My girls, now 6 and 3, allowed me to see first-hand what outdoor play can do for children and their families.  Attending an outdoor nursery gave my children the opportunity to be outside on a regular basis and from this; their sense of exploration and love for learning was so distinctly and positively different away from the pressures of London living.

My eldest daughter was then fortunate enough to get into our local excellent primary school. While a fantastic school with wonderfully nurturing and attentive teachers, I could see how much she missed outdoor play and the experience of learning immersed in nature.

This is really where my passion for outdoor play grew and the idea of starting this local service flourished. It was so important for me to continue to see my children thrive and grow outdoors, and of course, encourage other families to do the same…so here I am today starting Wild about Play to support children and their families as they start in preschool and progress into primary school to prioritise time in the outdoors for all the important carefree fun and sense of adventure this brings.

My fundamental aim is to help children have fun, feel free and explore their inner strengths through playful learning in and while caring for local nature, providing a sense of release from indoor academics and competitive sports.

I hope you love the new website and find what you are looking for. Do get in touch either way and let us know your thoughts.

Susan Sandouka Husemeyer



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