Last Week in the Wilderness – 7th September

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Children Digging Wild about Play Outdoor Nursery Forest School


What a wonderful first week back in the wilderness we’ve had! Our adventurers had so much fun exploring every inch of our new base camp, as well as the easy access to the common and woods for our adventure walks.

Imagination Station

In the cool shade, the children collaborated together to design a whole city out of wooden blocks. With imagination running wild, they worked together and shared ideas to build tall towers, winding roads and sturdy bridges that made their very own metropolis. And the only thing that is more fun than building – the knocking down! We swapped adventuring with saving the world as the children decked themselves in capes and masks, defeating the evil forces that swarmed the rooftop through teamwork and superpowers! This imaginative play encompassed all the children and had them engaged and collaborating together for hours!

Children Imaginative Plat Wild about Play Outdoor Nursery Forest School Putney

Collaborating together to create our very own Wild about Play City!

We See, We Saw!

It got wet and wild in the mud kitchen as our budding scientists used water play to learn about gravity, measuring and why things float. After creating a splash on the tray, we flexed our dexterity by using a grabber to move different sized balls from the tray into one of our wheelbarrows. Heading over to our tool corner, the children learned how to safely use a hacksaw when cutting some elder branches into small pieces to create our own beads for jewellery. They then used scissors and carefully worked out how much string they would need for a necklace or bracelet, remarking on the different lengths.

Tool Work Safety Wild about Play Outdoor Nursery Forest School Putney

Safety first as we cut parts of an elder branch to create our very own beads.

Adventure Time!

On our adventure walks across the common, we had lots of fun searching for natural resources. In teams, we used egg cartons with different colours to find items that corresponded with those colours. We also made our own collages by finding leaves, sticks and feathers to coloured card, the children loving the chance to show their creativity and foraging skills. As the sound of bird calls filled the air, we took guesses on which birds were making the sounds, before getting the correct answer as they flew overhead. One of the children noticed a tree covered in ivy and sawdust – we learned that the tree was being eaten from the inside out by small bugs that was creating the dust. When we knocked on the trunk, we noticed it sounded hollow, and realised that it would be unsafe to be around that tree in high winds as it may fall over!

Hollow Tree Adventure Walks Wild about Pla Outdoor Nursery Forest School Putney

Trying to see the tiny bugs who are creating all the sawdust by eating the inside of the tree!

Overall, a fantastic first week back to kick off our Autumn term! We’ll see you in the forest next week for more!


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