Last Week in the Wilderness 17th May

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Another action-packed week in the wilderness has come and gone, and this week was one of the most exhilarating we’ve ever had! Our adventurers were beside themselves with excitement, with lots to celebrate and surprise visits from some very important people in the community!

Snail Races

We kicked off the week with some fantastic insect spotting in our wet and windy base camp. We found lots of snails that continued our education on these fascinating animals from last week and decided to put them to the test in a race. Using one of our benches and some chalk, each child picked their racer and cheered on their champions to… interesting results! Deciding to give the racers a much-needed rest, the children started to build their own snail homes. Filling bowls with leaves, grass and twigs, they made some very fancy houses, which the snails seemed to enjoy. After some well-deserved rest and recuperation, we released them gently back into the wilderness away from little feet. Over in the creativity corner, our campers wanted to make their own snails by drawing a spiral and making a collage with different coloured card, leaves and tissue paper.

snails on a plank with the word start behind them

The epic Wild about Play Snail Races kicked off this week!

Bee Happy!

In keeping with our insect-themed week, it was International Bee Day! We learned all about the different types of bees and even found a few buzzing around our base camp to celebrate. We then decided to put our creativity to the test by painting some jars yellow and black in honour of our buzzing friends. When the paint had dried, we filled the jars with soil and planted some flowers to attract bees when they bloom. These were all finished off with some yellow string and happily taken home to grow! We also decided to go on a bee hunt to see the local beehive on Barnes common. As we watched the bees buzzing around from a safe distance, we learned all about how and why they made honey!

child painting a jar black and yellow

We created our very own bee jars to plant some bee attracting flowers into this week!

Hello Coppers!

We were thrilled to host the local police this week! All our adventurers spent the day thinking of questions to ask, and were very satisfied with their answers. Officers Mike and Dot taught us what number to call if we were in trouble, what to do if we were lost and all about stranger danger. Hats and vests were passed around to wear; we particularly enjoyed talking about the walkie talkie and cameras on their vests. And then it was time for the main event – climbing in the police van! We took turns making the van “nee naw”, flashing the blue lights and looking at the GPS map. The children were very excited afterwards, all discussing the visit and who we wanted to come and say hello next. This was a great opportunity for the children to get to know those who help others in their local community!

children looking at police van

Our explorers got to meet police officers and turn on the sirens and lights!

Next week is our last in the wilderness before half-term, and we can’t wait to see what we get up to. See you then!


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