Last Week in the Wilderness – 4th October

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Another fantastic week for the books as our adventurers had so much fun foraging, mark making and rocking out!

Foraging Fiends!

Our wonderful autumnal walks this week were filled with even more foraging as the children noticed some honeysuckle and blackberries! We discussed that the berries were for the birds and squirrels to eat and store for the winter, whilst the honeysuckle really smelled of honey! As a team we collected leaves and sticks in buckets and wheelbarrows, displaying some excellent turn-taking with the latter as we all raced around the woods. The wheelbarrows also doubled as shopping carts as the imaginative play began flowing – one minute we were on Putney Common and the next we were shopping in Tesco! A super fun activity we participated in this week used colour paint charts to find different colour shades in the forest. We managed to find leaves in all the shades of green and brown, as well as lots of yellows and even some red and blue from berries and wellies! With the leaves we found, we made our very own crowns to become forest royalty, and then practiced our royal waves!

children using colour charts to match items to shades outdoor learning forest schoool

We used colour charts to match different natural resources to the shades.

Little Pig Literacy!

Literacy played a huge part in our sessions, with the story of the week being the ever favourite three little pigs! We had so much fun acting the story out, with our very own big bad wolf to get all the little piggies – resulting in a lot of squealing! With some of the sticks and leaves we found, we built the little pigs their own home and then practiced blowing it over. Back on the rooftop, we practiced mark making and how to hold pencils and crayons correctly as we worked on copying down our names. The children showed great determination, staying focused for a long period of time to do the best they could! We also loved mark making with the chalk on any surface we could find – from the bricks to the board and even the benches!

literacy three little pigs outdoor learning forest school

We’ve had so much fun telling our favourite story to one another!

Rock n Roll!

The creativity was also flowing this week as we made our very own forest band! Using the different instruments around base camp, the children made lots of wonderful noise filled with joy as the educators rocked out. After collecting lots of brightly coloured leaves and flowers, we participated in hapa zome – a fun (and therapeutic) form of colour transfer where you sandwich your items in two pieces of cloth and bash them with a hammer until the colour transfers onto the cloth. We had lots of fun doing this safely, and made two beautiful tote bags which we will use for our song and reading bags!

hapa zome to make pretty bags!

Revealing the colour transfer made by hapa zome!

We can’t wait to see what next week has in store for us – see you then!


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