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At Wild about Play, we deliver engaging, exciting and dynamic forest school education to spark, inspire and extend children’s imagination and learning at nursery and primary school age.

With birds-eye views of Putney common and woods from our rooftop base camp at Oasis Academy, we run our Ofsted-approved outdoor nursery all year round, after-school sessions during the school term, outdoor learning camps during school holiday breaks, and wild families’ sessions on select weekends.

Our mission is simple:

“To help our children have fun, feel free, explore and progress their inner strengths through playful learning in and while caring for local nature.”

The wonderful, highly-qualified practitioners curate sessions that incorporate the natural world and the EYFS curriculum into our children’s education ensuring they unleash their full potential. Children are also encouraged to explore their surroundings and spearhead their learning through a mix of fun physical, musical, artistic and also construction challenges. The calming and rich effects of nature coupled with skilled adult support provides the framework to support meaningful play, enriching learning and developing key skills such as enquiry, expression, experimentation and also team work.



Susan founded Wild about Play as a social business to inspire more children and their families to connect with nature and learn valuable education and lifelong skills in the outdoors – all through play.. Susan is passionate about how the brain changes when in the outdoors and when learning through play.  Having had both her daughters attend an outdoor nursery she is keen to continue to expand the benefits of outdoor education through play for preschool and primary school children in the community. Susan qualified in German and international relations from King’s College London and has over 15 years’ experience working in businesses to design & deliver programmes for youth leadership & employment in the Middle East, Europe and China.



Harriet has over 11 years experience working with all age groups including young adults (and children in Peru) but mostly in early years and primary (plus children with sensory needs). Harriet loves to embrace the innovative ways children can learn when outside and how they learn to think creatively. Over the years Harriet has observed how the tranquillity of the outdoors can do wonders for everyone. Harriet is level 3 Forest school trained, Montessori teacher, and has her Early Years Teacher Status, plus a degree in photography, film and imaging. She has also expanded to learning Makaton, music and movement. Harriet’s favourite phrase by A.A. Milne, “When life throws you rain, play in the puddles.”

Harriet Warner


Sylvie developed a passion for the Early Years over 25yrs ago and was lucky enough to have worked with some inspirational Early Years teachers in Richmond Upon Thames. Sylvie spent 9 years in South East Asia as an Early Years Associate and teacher, setting up Early Years schools and mentoring staff. Since returning to the UK, Sylvie trained as Level 3 Forest School leader to enable her to combine her two great passions: outdoors and early years. Sylvie believes that children learn best when they are given time, tools and opportunities to experiment and explore in their own time and on their own terms. Without the exposure and also opportunity how can we begin to understand our likes and dislikes? She also loves cooking.

Sylvie Le Pillier

Senior Educator

Originally from Canada, Carla spent her childhood deep in the woods on her parent’s farm, exploring nature with her sisters and friends. She could rarely be found indoors, ending her day filthy, exhausted and excited for what the next day would bring. She trained as a primary school teacher in 1998, with a specialised focus on the early years. Carla loves to teach and she loves to learn! Carla believes that Forest School is not just learning about nature, it is learning about oneself through nature – developing confidence, imagination and self-esteem. She believes that Forest School is a stimulating journey of learning and self-discovery – not just for children but for adults too!


Carla Di Nucci

Senior Educator

Michelle loves being in the great outdoors and working with children. Her first job was working residentially in an outdoor pursuit centre, teaching a wide variety of outdoor games and pursuits, camping and bivvying out in the woods. Studying Sports Science at university, Michelle enjoyed it so much she stayed to complete a Masters in Sports Psychology and then a teaching degree.
Michelle travelled and then worked as a PE teacher in state and private schools, encouraging young people to enjoy sport, be outside and enjoy healthy living. After having children Michelle understands the importance of feeling happy about where you chose to send your children for nursery and camps and is delighted to be part of the WAP team. Helping us deliver a safe and stimulating environment for children.

Michelle Relleen


Always loving the outdoors and having the freedom to explore, working with children at WaP has been a great opportunity for Mimi to help them grow and discover their own true identities and talents. Mimi has always been passionate about childhood development approaches such as Montessori and loves to encourage growth mindset through emotional intelligence.

Graduated from the Charted institute of Marketing, Mimi has 10+ Marketing experience in telecoms and other industries.

Mimi believes play is our brain’s favourite game and we are never too old to play.

Miglena Strashimirova (Mimi)

Educator in Training

Growing up in Yorkshire, Katie learnt from a young age, that the best fun could be had when playing outside in nature.  After a move to Canada with her family she was fascinated by how much of the Early Years education successfully took place outside, whatever the weather, however deep the snow!  Upon moving back to the U.K., Katie felt passionately that all children should have provision for immersive experiences in nature from a young age. Katie studied Psychology at degree level, followed by a PGCE, and has 10 years teaching experience as well as being a level 3 Forest School Teacher. Katie’s motto is “Time spent amongst trees is never wasted time.” – (Katrina Mayer)

Katie Davies

Senior Educator (First in charge on Fridays)

Emily from London has been teaching for just over 8 years and was drawn to the Early Years for the freedom children have in their early education to be creative and initiate their own learning which is something she is passionate about.

She trained as level 3 forest school leader and loved every aspect of forest school. For Emily there is a sense of peace and tranquility being out in nature. Emily started off working in the holiday camps and watched amazed at how the children including her own were so naturally in touch with nature. From then on she became passionate about all children having a right to outdoor education, particularly for children who have grown up in the city.

Emily Lloyd

Senior Educator for Camps

Before Louise had children of her own, she worked in business administration and accounting. Travel was her passion so she spent some time in Africa, New Zealand and Europe. Since becoming a mother, Louise found a passion for education, welfare and community development as well as campaigning for play, not testing in schools. Louise has worked in Early Years for about 8 years and is a qualified Early Years Educator and has recently qualified as a Forest School Leader. Louise is a fan of puddles, mud and rain!

Louise Edwards


Emma grew up in south west London and was always encouraged to be and play outside as much as possible. Holidays were spent on beaches in Devon learning to surf with her two siblings.
After school Emma took a life changing trip to India where she started to design and produce clothing. In these regular trips to India she became extremely interested in wellness and alternative therapies. Emma has completed a yoga teacher training and her Reiki level 1 and 2. She is currently training in hypnotherapy.
She is extremely passionate about early childhood development and understands how formative these years can be. Emma  truly believes in the healing power of nature and how it helps us to guide our children to be the most authentic and confident versions of themselves.

Emma Prentice

Educator in Training

Christine is originally from Kentish Town in North London and spent her school holidays on her Dad’s farm in the West of Ireland.

She studied English Literature & History of Art at University in Dublin, and then worked as a PA in the creative industries.

She is passionate about alternative education and allowing children to develop their own interests and at their own pace within the natural environment

Christine Lynskey

Educator for Camps


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