Safety Procedures





The best way for our young explorers to feel comfortable, grow and become inspired is by keeping our site as safe as possible. Our practitioners have a multitude of ways to accomplish this – here are just a few;


Risk Assessments and Safety Procedures

As well as immersion in our safeguarding and health and safety policies, our team completes daily risk assessments, checking over the site before every session to ensure that there are no unwanted or dangerous items around so that the children can just go right ahead with the fun without worrying about getting hurt!


1,2,3, come to me!

We practice this drill every day at any point so the children know when to stop and go to the practitioner who called the drill. This works as a way for us to do quick headcounts, as well as moving from one activity to the next.

Stranger Danger!

We also practice this drill with the children on a daily basis where we blow our whistle and shout freeze. Through practice the children know this is related to stranger danger and come to us at 123 come to me.

Light up!

Our after-school sessions in the winter can get dark, so each child gets their very own light which must stay on at all times. This helps us keep track of their movements and allows them to enjoy themselves without compromising their freedom or safety.

For more information on our safety procedures, please review our safeguarding policy.


COVID-19 Procedures

The safety of our staff and explorers is of the utmost importance to us. We are constantly monitoring the situation to ensure that we are providing the best environment possible. We have implemented a multitude of procedures, which include extra handwashing and sanitizing areas and a streamlined pick-up/drop-off process. Our practitioners have been promoting the ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ approach with the children to minimise the risk of exposure.

We ask that if you or anyone you have recently been in contact with shows symptoms of coronavirus you tell us as soon as possible, and do not bring your child to their session. Our staff are also following this process. You can check your symptoms and find more information here.

Our COVID-19 risk assessment is here for your perusal.




One of our biggest questions from parents is “where do they go to the toilet?!” We have an outdoor toilet inside a “toilet tent”, giving them the privacy and autonomy to use the toilet whenever they need to. For our younger explorers, we have a nappy changing tent which we also use. These mats are disinfected after each use and prepared for next usage.



Our sessions are always outside, come rain or shine! We erect tarps, tents and sometimes even gazebos that work in any climate – whether it’s sheltering from the rain or shielding from the sun! This allows all our children to continue their activities in the most normal way possible whilst preserving their work and keeping them safe! All our children love the rain and, with time and repeated experiences at Wild about Play, love the energy, exploration and mindfulness that comes with exploring in the rain.

If the weather does turn too nasty, we do have an Ofsted inspected indoor area we can retreat to, but this is only used in emergencies like a thunderstorm or high winds that may affect the childrens’ safety and welfare.



Making sure our explorers are dressed ready for a day of inspiring, learning and collaborating is one of the most important things! Being outside all day means that layers and waterproofs are a must in the winter, whilst shorts and trainers are perfect for summer. See below for our kit guides for both winter and summer:





To streamline our communication and reduce our paper usage, we use the ‘Famly’ platform (app available on Apple and Android). This gives you a front seat to your childs’ learning and progression.

We provide weekly in-depth updates on what activities we have enjoyed with photographs and videos, as well as personalised monthly observations on your childs’ development. This is also where all your personal information is stored, making it quick and easy for you to provide us with administrational updates such as contact numbers. You can also contact us to let us know if your child is ill or unable to attend via the app, as well as sending us any questions you may have about their development. We will also send over any invoices via this platform.

Once you are signed up with us, we can go through the app to help you get the most out of it!


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