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Honouring all seven senses

We honour all seven senses: auditory (hearing), visual (eyes), Olfactory (smell), Gustatory (taste), Tactile (touch), the vestibular sense (movement and balance) and proprioceptive sense (body awareness) and tailor our activities to suit the different children and their varying needs and preferences.

Communication and language

Through a variety of discussions, in the moment learning opportunities and games to further listening, children learn how to communicate with others and extend their vocabulary. We optimise circle time at the beginning of the session to establish the principles of our day including boundaries and rules. We also use the opportunity of fire time at the end of the session to reflect and express our activities of the day. We preserve these special times to sing and dance and express through our bodies and whatever the chosen art or music materials of the day are.

Where some children may require additional support here, our educators pay special attention to each child’s unique needs and tailor the message and engagement accordingly.

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Expressive Arts and Design

Using a range of natural materials such as wood, clay and paints, children learn different textures, colours and use their imagination to express themselves. We offer a variety of arts and crafts for children to explore, as well as enacting role-plays and designing our own musical instruments to create joy.

This allows children to express and communicate in a different way and our activities are purposely curated to inspire curiosity and the love of creating.

Unique Expressions Wild About Play Forest School Nursery and After School Clubs


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