Policies at Wild About Play

We have a wide range of policies and procedures which underpin how we deliver an optimal experience within our setting. In summary:


We are fully insured by Birnbeck insurance and MortonMichel.


We keep first aid equipment on site and this is staffed adequately.


We have a Health and Safety Policy in line with the Health and Safety Act, 1974. All our equipment and areas are reviewed on a regular basis with this policy in mind. Tented toilet facilities are provided and maintained.


Our children’s wellbeing and safety is the most important element to our provision. Our safeguarding policy sets out how we follow Ofsted’s guidance and local authority procedures. These are all reviewed on a regular basis within our setting.


All our play and learning areas are risk assessed on a daily basis before the beginning of each educational day.


Our recruitment policy ensures that all staff backgrounds are diligently checked, all staff are appropriately qualified, have relevant experience and are Disclosure and Barring Service checked.


We value diversity and strive for inclusion in all elements of our practice from community integration and support, to staffing and children.


Our secure online registration records a child’s name, date of birth, details of their parents or carers and emergency contact details. All health or dietary needs are recorded, and notes are kept of any accidents, illnesses or medical treatment administered to the child, to be signed by the parents/carers upon collection, or notified immediately in the event of an emergency. Please also view our privacy policy for more information.

1.      WaP Absence Management Policy Here
2.      WaP Accidents and First Aid Policy Here
3.      WaP Admissions Policy Here
4.      WaP Allergies and Allergic Reactions Policy Here
5.      WaP Arrival and Departures Here
6.      WaP Bereavement Policy Here
7.      WaP Biting Policy Here
8.      WaP Complaints and Compliments Policy Here

9.      WaP Confidentiality Policy

10.  WaP Conflict Resolution And Aggressive Behaviour Policy Here
11.   WaP Dealing with Discriminatory Behaviour Policy Here
12.   WaP Disciplinary Policy and Procedure Here
13.   WaP Dog Policy Here
14.   WaP Early Opportunities Statement Here
15.   WaP Evacuation Policy Here
16.   WaP Grievance Policy Here
17.   WaP Health and Safety Policy Here
18.   WaP Immunisation Policy Here
19.   WaP Inclusion and Equality Policy Here
20.   WaP Infection and Control Policy Here
21.   WaP Intimate Care Policy Here
22.   WaP Late Collection and non collection Policy Here
23.   WaP Look after children Policy Here
24.   WaP Manual Handling Policy Here
25.   WaP Medication Policy Here
26.   WaP Missing Child Policy Here
27.   WaP Mobile Phone and Social Media Policy Here
28.   WaP Nappy Changing Policy Here
29.   WaP No Smoking Policy Here
30.   WaP Outdoor Play Policy Here
31.   WaP Positive Behaviour Policy Here
32.   WaP Safe Recruitment Policy Here
33.   WaP Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy Here
34.   WaP Send Policy Here
35.   WaP Separated Family Policy Here
36.   WaP Settling In Policy Here
37.   WaP Sickness and Illness Policy Here
38.   WaP Sleeping Policy Here
39.   WaP Special Consideration for Employees Policy Here
40.   WaP Staff Development and Training Here
41.   WaP Staff working with own children Policy Here
42.   WaP Student Placement Policy Here
43.   WaP Substance Policy Here
44.   WaP Suncare Policy Here
45.   WaP Supervision of Children Policy Here
46.   WaP Supervision of Visitors Policy Here
47.   WaP Supervisions Here
48.   WaP Transitions Policy Here
49.   WaP Volunteering Policy Here
50.   WaP Whistleblowing Policy Here 



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