building lifelong cognitive foundations

eyfs learning at wild about play

for physical and mental health

Personal, social and emotional development

We believe in the power of engaged positive, nurturing relationships between our children and educators where we honour the uniqueness of each child. This is rooted in the EYFS framework and coupled with reflections on the latest neuroscience research on cognitive progression to support our children in their development, independence and self regulation.

Children articulate their sense of self through a variety of deep engagements, activities and tasks, as well as how to communicate, play and work with others through collaboration and teamwork activities. Our children’s willingness to learn, grow and share the experience with their friends is inspired by our carefully curated curriculum, our skilled educators and by the richness of the great outdoors. Nearly every single activity particularly in the outdoors touches on personal, social and emotional development which makes this such a ripe environment for support and development.

Every day we revisit our engagements with our children and support them the next day with reflective thought out ways to extend their learning from what they did before.


Building lifelong cognitive foundations for physical and mental health Wild About Play Forest School Nursery 2

Physical development

Our natural surroundings lend a perfect space for children to climb, swing, balance and learn how to take calculated risks, enhancing their awareness of themselves and others, and greatly improving both gross and fine motor skills. Both these skills are essential for school readiness and life readiness. Gross motor skills need to be developed first before fine motor skills can progress. We regularly mix up the activities and encourage children to work together during these creative and physical moments which also advances self understanding and self – regulation.


In physical development we pay close attention to the vestibular sense which provides children with a good posture, balance and movement sensation and proprioperception which gives children an awareness of body position.  Our set up takes account of these needs and our educators note areas where children may need support for strength and independence in these senses ,

Building lifelong cognitive foundations for physical and mental health Wild About Play Forest School Nursery 3


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