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Oasis Academy Roof Top Garden, 184 Lower Richmond Road, London, SW15 1LY


We run our nursery days from sessions 9am-3pm every day, with the option of extending from 8am  until  5:30pm on select days


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Just Some Of Our Recent Reviews

Our 3-year-old son had an amazing time at WAP. Even the rain made him happy! He loved exploring the forest, looking at snails, and learning about nature with the help of the kind staff. This adventure made him more confident and taught him to love and respect the outdoors. We're really glad he had this experience. For other parents thinking about a holiday camp for their kids, we highly recommend this one. It's a great place for little explorers to learn and have fun.
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Luisanna Jacqueline Escobar Linares Avatar
Luisanna Jacqueline Escobar Linares
My daughter has been going to WAP for almost a year now and she absolutely loves it. We’ve taken her out of nursery and put her in full time and she seriously can’t get enough. The teachers are absolutely brilliant, such a warm and welcoming atmosphere for little ones to learn and explore in !
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allissa panayotopoulos Avatar
allissa panayotopoulos
Our daughter has really thrived at WaP. We are thrilled with the nursery and are confident in the knowledge that every adult at WaP really cares and has taken the time to get to know her. We never worry how she is during the day and find communication to be excellent and fulsome. We appreciate the gentle encouragement she is given to help her problem solve by herself. We have also noticed her confidence grow with unknown adults outside of nursery and the knowledge she comes home with, as well as the wonderful artistic creations she makes, is astounding! It’s great fun having her tell us about “deciduous trees” and identifying the bird songs on our dog walks! The meals and drinks you make with the children are also particularly great for her who, as an independent little thing(!) benefits from widening her culinary repertoire! We would not hesitate to recommend this nursery.
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Isabella Chaloner Avatar
Isabella Chaloner
My son loves every minute of his time at WaP. There is a real sense of community at WaP, the teachers are dedicated, warm and engaged. They help the kids to grow and develop brilliant life skills. My son has a particularly special bond with his key person but loves all the staff at WaP. As a teacher myself, I am thrilled to be sending my son to such a fantastic school that incorporates outdoor play and experiences with learning.
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felicity serhan Avatar
felicity serhan
My son has been going to the Wild About Play Holiday Camps since he was 3 years old. He has been in rain and shine, frost and heatwave and he asks me to book it. He has now done 7 camps I think and we're about to book him for a 8th over Easter. What he loves isn't simply the forest school aspect - in fact, I'd say his main reasons for loving it are the focus on play (it seems very child led) and the excellent, warm staff who never talk down to the children. Wild About Play we love you!
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Iona Tallia Avatar
Iona Tallia
Amazing in every way! My 3.5year old attended for a few days in the half term holiday and came out so so happy (and muddy!) every single day, saying “it was so cool Mum” and “I loved it” and “can I go there every day not my usual school?!” Thank you to all the teachers - it’s truly a special place.
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Florence Brandt Avatar
Florence Brandt
My son has been going to Wild About Play during his term breaks from nursery and loves it. I love how it is all day as well. He always comes back knackered from all the fun he has whilst there. I cannot wait for my daughter to be old enough to attend as well. No complaints - and from what I can see, he loves it (and I give him options of what activities to do during the break and this one, he always wants to do).
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KHL J Avatar
I cannot speak highly enough of Wild about Play! Nestled in the heart of Putney, this forest nursery is a gem. The team of caring and passionate leaders create an enriching environment that blends the best of nature with engaging indoor activities. Their hybrid model exposes children to the wonders of the outdoors and provides a diverse range of learning experiences. If you're looking for a place where your child can thrive and explore, I recommend Wild about Play!
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Juliet Carter Avatar
Juliet Carter