Last Week in the Wilderness 3rd May

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With the bank holiday shortening our week, we made the most of our days in the forest. Our adventurers had lots of fun experimenting, exploring and collaborating as team!

This week was Firefighter Day, which celebrates the heroic work that firefighters do on a daily basis. Because of this, we discussed their jobs and how brave they were, also discussing how important fire safety was. We then collected some sticks and stuck them to some cardboard, then used paint to create our own fires using our fingers. Some children were careful to dot each colour around the card to make a small, sparkling fire – others had fun smearing their colours together to create a big blaze!

Two children finger paint a fire

Our adventurers used their imagination to build their own fires this week using finger paint and sticks!

Our site had lots of snails around on benches and planks because of the rain earlier this week. We admired how the snails eyes were on antennae’s, how they moved around using one strong muscle, and left behind a slime trail to help their movement! The children made sure to move them safely to the bushes away from little feet, so they could munch away on the leaves. When playing duck duck goose we noticed there were a lot of ants crawling around and found their ant hill! We watched as they climbed blades of grass, working together to gather materials for their home!

Children surround a snail on a log

The children loved learning all about snails in the forest this week!

We had lots of fun designing our own obstacle courses this week! Each child worked together to move planks, logs, wheels and benches, making different configurations that tested balance, dexterity and strength. When one child struggled to balance, another would offer a helping hand so they could get that sense of achievement. It was a great sign of their collaboration and empathy and displayed imagination to create different ways to climb, jump and hop around!

Child walks up plank with arms outstretched to keep balance

Our obstacle course helped us test our balancing skills!

What a fabulous week in the forest – we can’t wait to see what happens next week! See you then!


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