June 2021 Half-Term Camps

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The sun was in attendance at Wild about Play’s half-term camps this week, with the beautiful blue skies giving us a perfect backdrop for lots of fun, creativity and laughter. We loved welcoming back old friends and meeting new ones as we spent our days learning and collaborating!


Our creativity corners were the hot spots of the sessions, with our campers designing their very own medals and tie-dying tote bags! The medals were made out of large tree cookies, which the children decorated themselves before using a palm drill under the watchful eye of our practitioners. Once the holes were done, we threaded them through with string so that we could hang them with pride around our necks! The children also had so much fun creating their own unique tote bags, with each child choosing their own design and what colours to splash on! We got to see each creation as we unfurled them so they would dry in time to take home, and it was fantastic to see the way every single bag was different! We also had lots of fun painting and drawing our surroundings, with a few children even creating some bark rubbings whilst out on our walks.

Children in a circle around a table with tree cookies being decorated in the middle

Some beautiful designs were made on our tree cookie medals!

Motor Skills

As ever, our slackline corner was a hit with the bonus that it was nicely sheltered from the sun under the treetops. Climbing, swinging and spinning, the children enjoyed the chance to test themselves and their strength. Whilst some enjoyed the swings and ladders, the others waited patiently for their turn, cheering their friends on as they competed to see who could go the highest, and helped one another as they dismounted the swings. It was a great show of teamwork and collaboration amongst a wonderful group of friends!

two children with safety gloves using palm drills under supervision

Safety first with our gloves on as we used the palm drill!

Adventure Walks

When the sun got a little too hot at the base camp, we went on our walks to find a lovely shady spot amongst the trees to enjoy our lunches. Heading down around the common, we played a game of Pooh sticks as we reached the bridge, and pointed out all the local trees, plants, flowers and animals that we recognised, learning a few more along the way! The campers also played lots of fun games under the leaves that kept us entertained and engaged until it was time to head back for our fire and marshmallows.

children in a tree

The common provided us with fun activities, shade and relief from the hot sun!

Our campers had a wonderful time relaxing, collaborating and having tons of fun with their friends in the sun during the half-term camps. We wish you a safe, enjoyable end of term, and hope to see you soon at our summer camps!


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