Last Week in the Wilderness 14th June

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Last week was a tale of two climates as we started with heat and blinding sunshine and ended with rain and muddy puddles! Our adventurers were not phased by either, and had lots of fun learning and playing at our base camp and wandering out to see how the weather impacted the local environment!

Imaginative Play

Imaginations were running rampant this week as our explorers used natural materials to create a variety of different items! From potions in the mud kitchen filled with fallen leaves, petals and grass to fairy houses made of sticks and moss, our children created elaborate backstories to each imaginative play, drawing on stories and life experiences they remembered and shared. Each child contributed to the imaginative play and afterwards recalled
each part wonderfully!

wild about play outdoor nursery imaginative play fairy homes

Creating fairy homes for our winged friends on the common!

Fathers Day Celebrations

To celebrate Father’s Day this weekend, the children wanted to make something special to take home. We decided to make cards using prints of leaves, by painting each leaf and then pressing it firmly down and then peeling the leaf away. Each child then wrote or dictated a special message for the inside to give to their dad on Sunday. We loved sharing stories of things our fathers had done for us, and talking about why our dads were the best! It’s wonderful to see each parent’s positive impact on their child and how it influences their personalities and confidence – well-done dads!

wild about play creativity fathers day celebrations paint with nature

We created beautiful cards to celebrate Fathers Day!

“It takes a village” Community Outreach Initiative

We spoke a lot about the environment this week, as we had a very special visitor from the Western Riverside Waste Authority! Jon taught us all about the 3 R’s – reduce, reuse and recycle – with some helpful hand gestures to remember then with and what materials can be recycled and why it is important not to leave rubbish on the floor! We then used litter pickers and went around the common and churchyard, finding any rubbish that had been left behind so that we could clean up and take care of our local area. These visits strengthen our children’s links with the local community and teach them empathy and understanding.

wild about play community outreach initiative recycling learning environment

Jon from the WRWA taught us so much this week!

We can’t wait to see what excitement this week brings us!


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