Last Week in the Wilderness 12th July

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Our penultimate week of summer term sessions was one filled with creativity, collaboration and lots of laughter! Enjoying every form of weather that comes with a great British summer, our adventurers had the opportunity to experience the base camp in all its glory!

Art Attack!

Creativity was the main theme of the week in every form possible. The art corner was always very busy, with our end-of-term crafts taking up much of our time. The children were ecstatic to design their own photo frames, collecting sticks to peel individually before sticking them around the frame. We also had lots of fun making our very own medals out of tree cookies, drawing unique decorations with paint pens. The bright colours and fun patterns reflected how much light and joy each child brings to our nursery sessions! Those paint pens were put to good use as each child decided to use cardboard to build their own imaginary worlds. From train tracks to aeroplanes to family trips to the beach, each child used their knowledge of the world around them to create their own fantasy on cardboard.

outdoor art forest school nursery

Collaborating together to create masterpieces!

Dancing Explorers

Arts and crafts aren’t the only way our children expressed themselves last week! There were dance-offs galore, with each “team” taking turns to perform whilst the other team sang a tune for them to dance to! The dancers dictated the pace, shouting “loud!” when they wanted something upbeat, and “quiet!” when it was time for some more classical ballet moves. We also had lots of fun taking turns playing the ukulele, with some budding musicians singing along to the tune they were playing.

children dancing outdoor nursery forest school wap wild about play putney

Getting our dancing shoes on!

Foraging for Fun!

Our adventure walks were once again filled with fun foraging sessions across the common. The children were on the hunt for anything they could find, carrying buckets to collect any cool natural items they came across. We found some wild carrot plants and some lady’s bedstraw, which we learned was what used to stuff mattresses in the olden days! With our buckets and brains filled to the brim, we headed back to the base camp to put some of our small sticks onto the fire to roast our marshmallows on.

children foraging wap wild about play forest school nursery outdoors putney common

Foraging in the forest for natural resources.

We can’t wait to enjoy our last week of the term with you to celebrate the last year and our wonderful adventurers!


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